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About a year ago my wife and I traveled to Las Vegas for a conference. Well let's say I went for a conference, she went to lay by the pool and relax. At night I had little interest in ‘networking’ with a bunch of computer nerds, so the two of us got to spend quality time together.

One evening we saw the Cirque Michael Jackson show at Mandalay Bay (the show was amazing BTW!) After the show we put our name in at one of the restaurants that has an ‘outdoor’ area that opens into the promenade around the casino. As we were waiting for our table, and after we were sat we just enjoyed the sights and people watched.

People watching is just too much fun, especially in Vegas!

As we sat there for several hours I began to realize something about the outfits that a lot of the women wear. Some were dressed to the max and looked like they were ready for an evening out. Others, look liked they had just left the beach with t-shirts, shorts, sandals, and the requisite yard long margarita drinks. I am not sure why, but apparently when you get one of those drinks you must immediately become loud, stupid, and assume that you are the only one who has ever had a good time in Vegas.

Anyway back to my observation about the women’s attire. Unlike most men, I start at a woman’s head and work my way DOWN. And most of these women had on some really beautiful outfits. Evening dresses, sundresses, pant suits, short skirts, pencil skirts, you name it and we saw it walk by. Most of them looked very attractive, until you got to the SHOES.

Now I am not a shoe snob. I don’t know Jimmy Choo’s from Stride Rights - that is a lie, I have a friend who is a shoe snob and she loves her Jimmy Choo’s - but I do know when a women just throws in the towel in this department. And for some reason the go-to shoe that is universally accepted among women appears to be the strappy, cardboard flat heel, Egyptian sandal ( see above pic ), and then there are ‘flats’, sandals, thongs ( not the good kind ), nurses shoes ( you know the ones with the big thick cushy rubber soles) and even Crocs.


definition ( from the douggiestyle dictionary )

- noun - shoes that are worn with an outfit, where said outfit is hot and the shoes are not!

Now I know that women will claim that they didn’t QUIT on the look, they were just going for comfort. And in Vegas you walk a bunch, and you need comfortable shoes for that reason. 6” heels just won’t cut it, snd I totally understand that logic. HOWEVER, please explain to me how a pencil skirt that is so tight that you have to penguin waddle to walk is comfortable, or how a piece of thread strung between your butt cheeks feels good, or how the push up bra so tight you can’t breathe is working for you - but you can’t handle the heels?

I am here to let you know that while you may think, ‘Damn I look so good nobody will ever notice my super comfy shoes!’, some of us guys actually do notice and it is time to step up your fashion game. No one likes a Quitter.
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