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You can call me Doug!

Well as you may have guessed I am Doug. I am married to my high-school sweetheart, have two kids, a 20 y.o. girl, and an 19 y.o. boy (so yes I have heard it all), I recently sold my small business with about 30 employees (so yes I have seen it all), and I am very involved at my kids school (yes most parents are NUTS).

For those that call me a friend they know that what they see is what they get. As my wife says - I do not have a filter - if I think it I say it. ( BTW she also tells me that if we met today NO WAY would she marry me. Not quite sure how to take that, but OH WELL!) If you are around me for more than a few minutes you know where I stand. Most people have opinions on some things, I have an opinion on EVERYTHING - and if you ask , or even if you don’t - I will tell you.

My filterless dialog is almost usually spun in some kind of humor, many times at my own expense, but as they say - most jokes are rooted in truth. My writing, well lets say I write like I talk, so if you are an English teacher, and diagramming sentences is your idea of a fun Friday night. Well I might just give you a heart attack, or a least a bit of arrhythmia.

More about me - I love cars, mainly Ford, particularly Mustangs. I love college sports, mainly Basketball and Football, particularly The Cincinnati Bearcats. I love music, mainly Hard Rock/Metal, particularly Metallica. I love technology, mainly everything, particularly Apple. I love to travel, mainly the go-go-go kind, particularly Disney. Oh and I play guitar, work on my vintage Mustang, coach sports, play taxi driver to my kids, do big DIY projects at the house, go to the gym (it doesn't show), do laundry (I don’t fold), shop, and love to host parties.

There will be plenty of time to sleep when I am dead.
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