Boots and jeans and boots and jeans and boots and jeans....

Welcome to fall, to cooler weather, to the color of the leaves, the best time of the year for sports, and pumpkin EVERYTHING. (I love Pumpkin!) But the best part of the impending change in weather is the onslaught of fine women wearing a nice pair jeans and a sexy pair of boots.

All of my friends, and most of my acquaintances, know how much I love said attire. There is nothing better than having to make a trip out of town, and get sit in the airport for an hour or two and people watch. And when the fall weather brings the boots and jeans out, it is so much better.

Now I don’t need these boots to be stiletto heels, or way over the knee, thigh-high type - those are for the ‘fetish crowd.’ All I am talking about is some simple leather boots, they can be brown, or black, high heel or flat, laced up or zipped, buckles or plain – it doesn’t really matter. Slip those bad boys over a some jeans - and bam! a winning package.

Based upon the number of ladies I see wearing such attire, I don’t think that this is a earth shaking revelation. They know how good this combination looks and they gladly accommodate us guys. These are the exact opposite of quitter shoes. In-fact I don’t think there is such a thing as ‘quitter boots’. They all work equally well - I take that back - those rubber rain boots in all the crazy colors and patterns - are just functional quitter boots. Though I do have friend who has a pair of them with high heels - those work fine!

These are the exact opposite of quitter shoes.

Big fluffy Ugg-style don’t work very well with jeans - but they sure look comfy! (I wish they made them for dudes! I could do that and call them Duggs!) But my wife has two pair of Ugg brand boots that really rock, so I want to make it clear it is not the Ugg brand, but the traditional Ugg style that I am referencing.

It is nearly impossible to find a pair of boots that just doesn’t work with a pair of jeans. Boots can take the simplest of outfits and make it super. There isn’t much that tops a nice set of boots and a pair of jeans…except maybe boots and leggings. And for the record - legging ARE pants, at least in my book.
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