Game of Thrones

I just returned today from a 2 week vacation. It was a fun, educational, and interesting trip - but after two weeks nothing felt better than to come home to MY bathroom.

That’s right, and I am certain most of you can agree, there is nothing like sitting down, and relaxing in your personal space. Traveling for two weeks with 2 adults and 2 near adults in a cruise ship cabin, hotel rooms and a mini van, I can tell you it was difficult if not impossible to find “quiet time” to just relax and let it go.

I literally walked in the door from the airport, headed straight to MY bathroom, closed the door, and LOCKED IT! I think I may have fallen asleep, at least I know my legs did! My wife was outside watering her plants and sent one of the kids on a search mission for me, I was gone that long. But I held them all at bay, with the bedroom door locked, the bathroom door locked, AND the toilet room door locked, I had a triple defense to my nirvana.

There is just nothing that quite measures up to the privacy, and the comfort of your bathroom. I know you all agree but have been shamed into not verbalizing it. Well it is time to let the world know - MY TOILET ROCKS! and I ROCKED MY TOILET!
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