There's a flaw in their logic.

I have never been a smoker. Honestly, it is a habit I just do not quite understand. The smell is terrible, the ashes are dirty, the price is outrageous, and it is just plain disgusting to me. However there is a trend among smokers that just makes me laugh. You know the part where a person has to sit outside their own home to smoke.

Now lets think about this: they own the home, they value the home, they value it so much that God forbid they smoke in it. You realize that smoke will yellow the paint. The smell will permeate furnishings. The resale value of their home will decrease if it is smoked in. They have made a conscious decision to protect their investment by not letting themselves, or anyone else, ever smoke in their home.

What? Don’t all of those same things happen to their body when they smoke? Don’t their lungs fill with tar and soot? Do the insides of their lungs yellow? Aren’t they at an increased risk of cancer? Could they possibly die from this? Emphysema, COPD, Lung Cancer, etc, etc. However, knowing all of this they make the conscious decision to keep smoking. Just not in their house!

Maybe there is something that I am missing in this flawed logic. I mean you can repaint your house. You can get the upholstery cleaned. You can Febreze the hell out of everything in the house. The bottom line is material possessions can be cleaned, fixed or replaced relatively easily. Your body - not so much.

You can’t just go out and get yourself a new pair of lungs. Not easily, anyway. You can’t reverse the years of huffing and puffing carcinogens into your body with a simple dry cleaning. Somebody please explain how this logic works. What is the thought process? What flawed justification is there for treating your property with more respect and reverence than the body God gave you?
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