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Well the day is FINALLY here. I have talked about this for several years now, and I have finally pulled the trigger. Many of my friends have heard me discuss the possibility of publishing my own blog and have they waited patiently for me to get it done. However, as most things in my life, I have grandiose plans and little time to execute.

You will probably notice most of my entries will be done early in the morning. Or if they are not posted then, they will have been written early in the morning, and I will proof them when I am fully awake. I have a backlog of topics waiting for me to share so you will see a plethora of posts over the next few weeks. Hopefully I keep you engaged.

Please take the time to visit the 'About' page to learn more about me, what makes me tick, and what to expect from the future of this blog.

So lets do this Douggiestyle!
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