Can't we just be friends???

There is an extremely annoying trend going on over at Facebook. It seems that everybody and their brother has a new ‘at home’ business, a new product to market to everyone on their friend list.

We have all seen the great healthy food options, new weight loss program, great energy boosters, really cool finger nail graphics, jewelry, and so much more. Every imaginable new miracle product has found a new home on my Facebook feed, urging me to try and see how great it is!

This is like the multi-level, door-to-door craze of the 80’s but on super steroids. Now, you see I probably have about 10 different friends on Facebook, who are all marketing products right now. You know who you are. And I want you to succeed. I want your business to thrive. Hopefully your business will grow and you will need a nice new vehicle wrap, or some great yard signs! ( I can help you there ). But I just wanna be friends!

I understand the power of social media. It is incredible how easily you can ‘spread the word’ about your new-found life mission. But I am your friend first, not your customer, or potential customer. Start a business based page, spent a few personal posts getting your friends to check it out. And then leave the marketing over there. Buy a few ad campaigns ( you will not believe how cheap and easy they are), market the hell out of your page, website, and business. Make a go at it. But lets just be friends!

I want to hear about how your kids are doing. I want to see pics of that great trip you took. I want to see what great events are coming up. I wanna be in the loop with you. I want to be able to share things that we don’t get to share in person because we are all too busy to find the time. (I don’t want to wish everybody happy birthday - the whole Facebook birthday shenanigans gets on my nerves too!) But can we just go back to being friends so I don’t have to feel like I need to hide like I do from the Kirby vacuum cleaner salesman knocking on my door.

BTW, the Ring video doorbell works great for these guys - you really need to buy one. I can hook you up on a great deal on one….shit, now I am the one marketing.
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